Jockey Club Racecourses launches Owners entry initiative

19th January 2015

Jockey Club Racecourses, the UK’s leading racecourse group, today announced the launch of a major new free entry initiative for racehorse owners.
Every owner with horses entered into races at Jockey Club Racecourses between now and the end of March 2015 will receive six free entry wristbands to that racecourse at the Entry Stage. The offer applies to all Jockey Club racecourses aside from Cheltenham, which already operates an Entry Stage badge scheme for owners.
Once a horse is entered at a Jockey Club track, owners will receive a letter from Group Managing Director, Paul Fisher, outlining the details of the offer along with the entry passes. This will be automatic, meaning there is no need to apply to participate in the offer, making it as easy as possible for owners to attend to watch their horse in action.
Owners whose horses are declared can collect any additional badge entitlement as normal upon arrival to access the on-the-day Owners & Trainers facilities. If their horse is not declared the six wristbands will still provide free entry to the relevant Jockey Club racecourse in the best available enclosure, without O&Ts access. This ensures Jockey Club Racecourses can maintain an excellent experience for horsemen with runners on the day.
Paul Fisher, Group Managing Director of Jockey Club Racecourses, said:
“I know from my own limited experience it’s not easy being a racehorse owner when you plan to attend a raceday with a group of friends and then at short notice your horse doesn’t run in an intended race. Hopefully making it this easy for owners to attend with a good size group will encourage people to get a party together with less concern about costs and, apart from when it’s not practical, it would be great to see this initiative even helping towards horses being declared to race.
“This initiative is part of ongoing efforts to offer horsemen the best possible experience at Jockey Club Racecourses, building on the major investments we have been making in top-class Owners & Trainers facilities for example, as well as making industry-leading contributions to prize money from our own resources.
“Much has been made of smaller fields so far this Jumps season and while the industry needs to do more to address this, not least from a race planning perspective and a better understanding of whether more horses are racing on the all-weather rather than going jumping, we hope this investment in supporting owners might help a little bit in that regard in the short term.”
The move has been welcomed by the Racehorse Owners Association (ROA), with its Chief Executive Richard Wayman saying:
“This is an excellent initiative that demonstrates Jockey Club Racecourses understand the importance of making owners feel valued whenever they attend a race-meeting, not just when they have a runner. Novel ideas that improve the ownership experience are crucial if we are to improve the recruitment and retention of owners, and I am sure many will appreciate being offered free entry even when their entered horse hasn’t made it to the track.”