BAGS, Ladbrokes & William Hill vs Turf TV

18th August 2008

After positive outcome, The Jockey Club calls for commercial and mutually beneficial partnerships with bookmakers

Following Mr Justice Morgan's verdict on the claim brought by BAGS, Ladbrokes and William Hill against Turf TV, The Jockey Club has called for the judge's findings to act as a catalyst for the racing and betting industries to put their differences behind them and develop positive commercial partnerships. The Jockey Club, through its subsidiary Jockey Club Racecourses, is the leading racecourse shareholder in Turf TV.

Julian Richmond-Watson, Chairman and Senior Steward of the Jockey Club, said: "As the largest racecourse shareholder in Turf TV, we obviously welcome the judge's conclusions that Turf TV did not in any way contravene competition law in establishing itself in the market place as a competitor to SIS.

"The emergence of Turf TV has undoubtedly changed the landscape and impacted upon the relationship between the betting and racing industries. Although we are still awaiting the judge's deliberations on the second part of the case, it is our hope that today's finding represents an opportunity to draw a line underneath recent disputes and for The Jockey Club and the other key components in the racing industry to develop a real commercial partnership with individual bookmaking firms and betting companies.

"The Jockey Club is looking to move on; it is ready and willing to work with those in the betting industry who wish to promote and expand the appeal of horseracing to all their customers."