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Randox has reached agreement with The Jockey Club for a five-year extension to its sponsorship of the world’s greatest steeplechase, the Grand National, and Grand National Festival staged at Aintree Racecourse.

What we Do

Randox are dedicated to improving healthcare worldwide with the use of innovative diagnostic technologies.

Randox Laboratories has been the heartbeat of the UK’s National COVID Testing Programme throughout the pandemic. In 2022, Randox have completed more than 16 million gold-standard PCR tests for the National Testing Programme and private COVID testing for travel.

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Ultimate in Health

Gain real-time health insights into 22 of your bodies most vital health areas through the most personalised preventative healthcare package available in the UK, the Everyman | Everywoman check. Through our 12-month plan, regularly review your health and wellbeing with 2 full-body health checks per year with scientific consultation and reports detailing your health and what to do next.

Can’t make our clinics? Our at-home testing solutions lets you choose up to 9 unique health areas for us to check, take your sample in the comfort of your home and send it to our labs and receive results in less than 5 working days.

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Corporate Health Packages

In 2021, 149.3 million working days were lost due to illness. Randox Health understands how vital it is to not just improve but maintain the health of your staff.

Our EveryBusiness programme provides unrivalled health testing to businesses and their employees to prevent Illness, maximise morale, and increase productivity in the workplace.

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Equine Testing

As sponsors of the Grand National, the welfare of horses is of paramount importance to Randox.

Equine Serum Amyloid A is the fastest blood marker to rise in response to injury or infection.  The Randox VeraSTAT-V enables real time equine health monitoring with results in just 6 minutes from the convenience of the stable or yard.  Treatment can therefore start immediately, and recovery periods can be shorter.

Vets, trainers, and owners have been working with Randox for years to help them better understand the health and wellbeing of horses. 

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Genetic Testing

Illness is not just limited to our diet or lifestyle but can be inherited from primary family members. Like many illnesses, early detection of risk is key to prevention and if you have family history of conditions such as Familial Hypercholesterolemia (FH) or Haemochromatosis, testing now can help to manage or prevent illness in the future.

We have 8 unique genetic screening programmes available, allowing you to have a consultation with a genetic councillor and receive results regarding your genetic risk within 4-6 weeks.

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