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Randox has reached agreement with The Jockey Club for a five-year extension to its sponsorship of the world’s greatest steeplechase, the Grand National, and Grand National Festival staged at Aintree Racecourse.

What we Do

Much like a jockey on race day, you can never be too prepared for what life may throw at you.

As pioneers of prevention & 4-year principal partner of the Randox Grand National, we're proud to spread awareness of the power preventative testing has to identify fences to clear in your health early & make you a front-runner for a healthier future.

Randox Laboratories was also the heartbeat of the UK’s National COVID Testing Programme throughout the pandemic, completing more than 16 million gold-standard PCR tests.

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Empowering health, inspiring life

In the last 12 months, we have processed over 5 million tests from health-conscious clients across the UK & Ireland through our accessible & comprehensive in-clinic and at-home testing services.

Randox Health provides access to unrivalled insights that allow you to take control of your health, empowering you to make simple lifestyle changes that could help protect future illness. Through personalised in-clinic programmes such as the “Everyman | Everywoman” and “Signature” services, we measure the essential areas of your health including hormonal, heart, thyroid, genetic, nutritional, gut health and more across the UK & Ireland are even available at select John Lewis stores.

At-Home testing kits also provide similar levels of insight but allow you to test in the comfort of your own home with options for full-body testing or specific areas such as PSA testing for men, AMH testing for women, nutritional deficiencies for all and much more.

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Corporate Health Packages

In 2021, 149.3 million working days were lost due to illness. Randox Health understands how vital it is to not just improve but maintain the health of your staff.

Our EveryBusiness programme provides unrivalled health testing to businesses and their employees to prevent Illness, maximise morale, and increase productivity in the workplace.

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Equine Testing

The focus on ongoing equine welfare is something that we stand behind at Randox. With over forty years in the in vitro diagnostics industry, we have a focus on preventative healthcare which also extends to cover Veterinary diagnosis panels.

The latest addition to our Randox Veterinary diagnosis panel is the VeraSTAT-V, a convenient stable side device that is designed to detect the earliest signs of inflammation, with results available within six minutes. Vets, trainers, and owners have been working with Randox for years to help them better understand the health and wellbeing of horses.

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Genetic Testing

Using genetic testing to detect risk of inherited conditions provides opportunity to act early and protect your future by determining risk of developing Type 1 Diabetes later in life for example, a feat Randox are the first in the world to achieve.

We don’t just use DNA for prevention, we use it to optimise health too. Our DNA Lifestyle & Nutrition testing uses Nutrigenomics to identify your body’s hidden pre-determined preferences when it comes to diet, exercise, intolerances, sleep, mental health to reveal your genetic blueprint.

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