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Are you ready for the most exciting horse racing event in the world? The Grand National takes place in April every year, and millions of people all over the world tune in to watch the drama unfold.

The Grand National horse race is famously unpredictable, which makes it the perfect event for a sweepstake!

What is a Sweepstake?

A sweepstake is a betting game especially popular with horse races, in which all the stakes (or bets) are divided among the winners. 


Unlike regular betting where people bet on the horse they think most likely to win based on odds and predictions, sweepstakes are usually left down to chance, with participants drawing runners out of a hat. 


A sweepstake is a great way to involve horse racing novices, as there’s no need to be an expert to take part. Sweepstakes are perfect for the Grand National, which attracts viewers who don’t otherwise follow horse racing. 


People sometimes pay a small amount of money to draw a runner from the sweepstake, with the total kitty split between the winners - but it’s equally fun to play without any prize money.


A Grand National sweepstake makes the horse race even more exciting, because everyone is invested in their chosen runners and wants to see them win! 


Our Grand National sweepstake kit is so easy to use.


1. Print out the sweepstake kit, fill in the names of the runners and cut them out.


2. Fold them up individually and place them in a hat or other container.


3. Ask participants to pick runners out in turns until all the runners are chosen.


4. Write people’s names next to the horse they pick on the sheet, in case anyone loses their paper!


5. When all runners have been selected, settle down to watch the race at 5.15pm.

Although a long list of Grand National runners is announced well ahead of the race, the 40 horses running and the colours of their racing silks aren’t officially announced until the day before the race. 


This is why the sweepstake kit includes the entire long-list of horses. Once the racers are officially announced you can simply remove the horses which aren’t running from the sweepstake. 

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