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2016 Racing Fixtures Confirmed

Press Release 21st August 2015 Warwick

Warwick Racecourse is scheduled to stage 17 racing fixtures next year, according to the 2016 British Racing Fixture List published by the British Horseracing Authority (BHA). 

The Jockey Club racecourse, which became an all-jumps track last year, has maintained the same number of fixtures as scheduled in 2015.

The 2016 fixture list sees an action-packed card from January to May and from September to December with a mix of midweek and weekend, and afternoon and evening racing.

Lee Moulson, acting general manager of Warwick Racecourse, said: “We are delighted to have secured the same number of fixtures for 2016.

“As we look forward to our second season as an all-jumps track getting underway in September, it is an encouraging foundation upon which to deliver our vision of becoming one of the UK’s leading small jumps courses.”

Jockey Club Racecourses, the UK’s leading racecourse group, is scheduled to stage 340 racing fixtures in 2016.  This is the same number as scheduled in 2015, despite increased competition.

This outcome was achieved as a result of the BHA fixture allocation process taking into account performance measures including prize money contributions and field sizes.

In the last decade alone, The Jockey Club has put more than £400 million back into British racing through prize money and facilities for customers and participants, including investments in racing surfaces.

Paul Fisher, Group Managing Director of Jockey Club Racecourses, said: “We’re pleased to maintain 340 fixtures in the face of additional competition this year. As British racing’s Fixture List is beginning to align the allocation of fixtures with performance measures, this outcome reflects our reinvestments in prize money, racing surfaces and facilities for horsemen, which in turn see Jockey Club field sizes outperforming the average.

“As we said in the past Fixture Consultation process, we’re keen to see British racing take every opportunity to reward and incentivise actions that help the sport. Building on recent efforts behind a more performance-driven Fixture List, further strengthening the link between Levy funding and positive performance can also deliver more for our sport.”

Warwick Racecourse’s new season for 2015/16, which runs from September to May, gets underway with an afternoon meeting, The Raceday, on Tuesday, September 22.

It will be followed by an Afternoon Raceday on Thursday, October 1, and Midweek Jumps on Wednesday, November 4, and Wednesday, November 18. 

The festivities will start with The Eventmasters Christmas Raceday on Thursday, December 10, followed by the New Year’s Eve Raceday on Thursday, December 31.

Further information, including admission and booking details, is available at

The scheduled fixture list for Warwick Racecourse for 2016 is as follows:

Saturday, January 16 – afternoon
Thursday, January 28 – afternoon
Saturday, February 13 – afternoon
Friday, February 26 – afternoon
Sunday, March 13 – afternoon
Wednesday, March 23 – afternoon
Monday, April 4 – afternoon
Thursday, April 21 – afternoon
Monday, May 2 – afternoon
Saturday, May 7 – evening
Wednesday, May 18 – afternoon
Tuesday, September 20 – afternoon
Thursday, September 29 – afternoon
Friday, November 4 – afternoon
Wednesday, November 16 – afternoon
Thursday, December 8 – afternoon
Saturday, December 31 - afternoon


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