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Mix football, golf and horse racing as you take on the challenge of our FootGolf course at Wincanton Racecourse.


FootGolf is one of the hottest sports to hit the UK, and pretty much does exactly what it says on the tin.


Played on our golf course, you’ll use a size 5 football and the challenge is to get the ball in the FootGolf hole in the fewest number of kicks as possible.


The rules are exactly the same as golf, only you swap your golf club and golf balls, for your feet and a football.


We’re open to everybody and there’s no strict dress code, you certainly don’t need to be a PGA golfer or Premier League footballer to enjoy the fun.


Come and give it a go and see if you can be Wincanton’s next FootGolf star.

“Local Rules”

Remove balls that land on golf greens to the side, to finish the hole. Tee off from designated marked areas to start each hole. Follow arrows to the next tee. Only play the FootGolf holes as marked. As with current Covid-19 regulations, please do not touch the flagsticks.

| 1st par 5 | 2nd par 5 | 3rd par 3 | 4th par 5 | 5th par 3 |


Take the yardage from the Red Box of the Golf Course Score Card

Opening Times?

Footgolf at Wincanton is open Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday afternoons. The last golf tee-off will be at 13.00 (18 holes) 14.30 (9 holes). First Kick-off is 16.30, Last kick of time is 19.30. Golf may book later if no Footgolf bookings are received

What else is available?

A bar in Kingwell lodge, with a lounge showing live sport on Sky Sports.

Can Golfers and FootGolfers share the same course at the same time?

Footgolf will begin an hour and a half after the last golf tee-times, so anybody at the end of their golf round will be given the right of way.

How many yards and what par is FootGolf?

The holes are between 150-400 yards. See “local rules” and Par details overleaf.
How much is a FootGolf tee time? £5 for five holes, £10 for ten holes.


How long does it take?

Approximately 45 minutes for five holes. Holes 6-10 are the second circuit of holes 1-5 to create a 90-minute game, over 10 holes.


How many people can play and how much is the Ball?

Each booking is for 1-4 people, balls are free of charge. Maximum of 4 people at each tee.


Age restrictions?

Under 14’s should be accompanied by an adult.


What do I wear?

Casual dress code, Trainers, or Golf Shoes only. Not football boots.


Where do I kick, what about the racetrack and Greens?

See “local rules” and Par details overleaf. Follow the Footgolf flags. Greens and the racecourse are out of bounds, please pick up the ball and drop it back into play

Do I bring my football? Yes, or Wincanton also supplies footballs.


Booking information: Book in advance recommended. Each kick-off time is at 8 minutes intervals, double booking taken for 10 holes.

Golf Course

Become a Member today at Wincanton Golf Club, a 9-hole parkland course set in the middle of the Wincanton Racecourse.

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