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The 2022 Newmarket Town Plate will take place on Saturday 27 August. 




The Newmarket Town Plate is a historic race which has been run here at Newmarket's Round Course since 1666. The race was instigated by King Charles II, who also won the first running and became the first and only reigning monarch to win a race! The King stated that the race should be run 'forever' and with this year being the 351st running, we might just be on track. Once one of the most prestigious races in the land, the Town Plate is now a pinnacle of glorious historical eccentricity, competed for by true amateurs.


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Entry details FOR 2022:


If you have any questions relating to the Newmarket Town Plate, please contact 

Anna Metekohy by clicking here.






Yvette Perrin

Pea Pack

Yvette Perrin


Miss Caldecot


Miss Caldecot


Miss S J Harris

Viewed Away

Miss S J Harris


Mrs J A De Rothschild


Miss Z Pratt


Miss N Embiricos


Miss A Embiricos


Sheik Mohammed

Velvet Touch

Miss A Harwood




Miss G Harwood


Mrs C Williams

Cubic Zirconia

Mrs C Williams


Mrs E Enright

Tara’s Chieftan

Mrs E Enright


Miss P Choppen

Newsell’s Park

Miss P Choppen


Mrs H E Haynes

Peche D’Or

Miss F A Haynes


Mr F Ivory

Metal Oiseau

Mr D Marshall


L Parr


Mr G Pewter


N Duke

Athassel Abbey

Mr N Duke


Mrs C Poland

Sea Buck

Mrs C Poland


Mr H Candy

Sea Buck

Miss S Candy


Mr H Candy

Sea Buck

Miss S Candy


Mr H Candy

Sea Buck

Miss E Candy


Mr H Candy

Sea Buck

Miss E Candy


Mr R Stonge

Glorious Encounter

Mr M Stronge


Mr D Marshall

Gale Force

Mr D Marshall


Mr C J Hays

Fandango De Chassy (FR)

Miss Anne Marie Hays


Mrs D Caine

Wynchor King (IRE)

Mrs Diane Caine


Mr T J Wells

Pinchincha (FR)

Mr T Wells


Miss S West

It’s Wallace

Miss Sheena West


Mr P Kirkpatrick

Domenico (IRE)

Mr Peter Kirkpatrick


Mr N Quesnel


Mr Charlie Duckworth


Conroy Syndicate


Mr Derek Jackson


Roy Street

Bulberry Hill

Mr Craig Walker


Mrs M Stone                                 

Artist’s Return (IRE)            

Miss Caroline Scott


Annie Bowles           

Cape Secret

Mr Derek Jackson


Mr John Berry

Kadouchski (FR)

John Berry


The Across The Pond Part                           

Raifteiri (IRE)

Clare Twemlow 


Jason Carver

Start Me Up (IRE)

Jason Carver


Michael Gates

Handsome Buddy (IRE)

Michael Gates


Jason Carver

Start Me Up (IRE)

Jason Carver


Castle Farm Racing


Sheikh Fahad Al Thani


Tim Gredley Investments Ltd.

Bivouac (FR)

Tim Gredley


We Enjoy Racing Club

Vent De Force

Michael Mullineaux


Sureness Ltd


Maurice McCarthy






Robert P Clarke, Martin Smith and Rachel Rennie

Friends Don’t Ask

Rachel Rennie

The Articles of the Newmarket Town Plate Instituted by King Charles II in 1665


Articles ordered by his Majestic to be observed by all persons that put in horses to run for the Plate, the new Round-heate at Newmarkett, set out the 16th day of October, in the 17th yeare of our Soveraign Lord King Charles II. Which Plate is to be rid for yearly, the seconde Thursday in October, for ever:


Imprim's—That every horse, mare, or gelding that rideth for this prize shalbe led out between eleven and twelve of the clock in the forenoon, and shalbe ready to start by one of the same day.


Item—Evry horse that rideth shalbe bridled, saddled, and shod, and his rider shall weigh twelve stone, fourteen pounds to the stone; and evry rider that wanteth above one pound and a halfe after he hath rid the heat, shall win no plate or prize.


Item - Evry horse that rides the new Round Course three times over (set out the 16th day of October, in the 17th year of King Charles II.)  on the outside of the Ditch from Newmarket, shall leave all the posts and flags the first and last heats on the right hand, and the second on the left hand, starting and ending at the weighing post, by Cambridge Gap, called Thomond's Post.


Item—Whatsoever horse rideth willingly, or for advantage, within any of the said flags, shall win no plate or prize, but lose his stakes, and ride no more ; but if he be thrust by any horse against his will, then he shall lose only the heate ; provided he keeps all the rest of the flags, and come within distance.


Item —It is allowed for any horse to be relieved at the discrec'on of the owner at the end of each heat, and evry horse shall have half an hour's time to rub between each heat.

Item —Whosoever doth stop or stay any of the horses that rideth for this plate or prize, if he be either owner, servant, party, or bettor, and it appears to be willingly done, he shall win no plate, prize, or bets.


Item —Every rider that layeth hold on, or striketh any of the riders, shall win no plate or prize.


Item —If any horse, mare, or gelding, shall fall by any mischance, so that the rider be dismounted, and if does his best afterwards to get within  distance, and ride fair (which shall be determined by the Judges of the Field) he shall only lose the heat.


Item —Any of the Judges may weigh any of the riders at the end of any of the heats ; and if he be found to have fraudulently cast away any of his weight, and want any more than his pound and a halfc, he shall lose the plate,prize, and stakes.


Item —If any difference shalbe about riding for this plate, which is not expressed in these articles, it shalbe referred to the noblemen and gentlemen which are then present, and being contributors to the said plate; but more especially the Judges, the Judge being to be chosen every time the plate or prize is run for, by the major part of the contributors that are there present.


Item —Evry horse that winneth three heats shall win the plate or prize, without running the course.


Item —Evry horse that runneth for the plate or prize shall put in three pounds, except it be a contributor's horse, and then he shall put in forty shillings.


Item —Whosoever winneth the plate or prize shall give to the Clerk of the Course twenty shillings, to be distributed to the poor on both sides of Newmarket, and twenty shillings to the Clerk of the Race; for which he is to keep the course plain and free from cart roots.


Item —The Clerk of the Race is to receive the stakes before ny horse starts, and is to deliver it to the tenant for the time being, who is to give sufficient security, not only for his rent, but likewise to add such stakes to the ensuing plate or prize the next year.


Item —Evry Horse, Mare, or Gelding, that rideth for this plate or prize, shall likewise deposit twenty shillings for every heat, which the winning horse shall have ; and the last horse of every heat shall pay the second horse's stakes and his own, which stakes are likewise to be deposited into the Clerk of the Race's hands before the horses start, to pay the winning horse his stakes every heat, and likewise twenty shillings to the second horse, to save his stakes ; but if there runneth but two horses, then no stakes to be run for but what is to add to the next year's plate.


Item —No horse that winneth not one of the three Pleats shalbe permitted to come in and run the course.


Item —The plate or prize is to be run for tlie second Thursday in October, every rider carrying twelve stone weight, at fourteen pounds to the stone, besides bridle and saddle; and if any gentleman that rides shall carry weight in his saddle, he shall have liberty, provided he allows two pounds to the rest for the weight of their saddles.


Item —The Clerk of the Race is to summons the riders to start again at the end of half an hour by the signal of drum, trumpet, or any other way, setting up an hour glass for that purpose.


Item—No man is admitted to ride for this prize that is either a serving man or groom.


Item—Those horses that after the running of the three heats shall run the four mile course, shall lead away, and start within an hour and halfe, or else to win no plate or prize."


Compiled by Sandra Easom (2015)




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