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The Jockey Club

The Jockey Club actively encourages it’s racecourse teams to play a meaningful and contributory role within their local communities. Community engagement is an intrinsic part of our business culture and recognized formally through the Jockey Club’s core values.


Each and everyone one of our fourteen tracks, the National Stud and Training Grounds actively support charities and good causes.



There are hundreds of examples annually where our teams have assisted with:


  • Fundraising efforts
  • Provided complimentary space or grounds
  • Offered equipment or expertise
  • Aided in building awareness of local “good-cause” occasions
  • Encouraged staff to volunteer


Many of our racecourses have won awards for their charitable and community initiatives. This is something we put huge value on and our racecourse staff are proud of how they have contributed.


We also maintain close relationships with the like local Lions, Rotary Clubs, schools and Parish councils aiding them with their endeavours and value adding to their good work.


On a company level we co-ordinate initiatives through a formal Charity Committee, made up of representatives from across our business. Through this body The Jockey Club identifies its group-wide partnerships and key charitable objectives.



Our Partners

In 2022, our staff-selected, group-wide charity is the Alzheimer’s Society.


We have also worked for many years supporting the Barrie Well’s Trust (Box4Kids), who have brought thousands of children for race day experiences. We are about to embark on a new collaborative relationship with the Rio Ferdinand Foundation and of course, we also promote and assist our own industry charitable body, Racing Welfare.


Some Key Facts


  • Over 7000 race day tickets were distributed to local charitable causes during the 2021/22 for fundraising purposes
  • Approximately £150,000 was raised through bucket collections in 2021/22 at our racecourses.
  • Each one of our racecourses host charitable lunches on race days where a total of around 8000 people were entertained in 2021/22
  • Across the group there were flagship fundraising occasions that raised in excess of £200,000 on a single race day for individual charities
  • Our larger courses all have formalised community engagements strategies, and staff dedicated as charity champions.


Our racecourses may be national, even international visitor attractions but we are proud to belong to our local community.


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