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Terms and Conditions
RacePass 18 to 24

This ticket is issued subject to the Terms and Conditions of Entry to “Racecourse”) between the attendee and Jockey Club Racecourse Limited (“JCR”) available at on our websites (the “Entry Contract”).


Set out below is a non-exhaustive summary only of certain important terms contained in the Entry Contract. In the event of any conflict between the summary below and the Entry Contract, the terms of the Entry Contract shall take precedence.


ACCESS AND RIGHT TO RUFUSE ENTRY OR TO EXPEL – JCR reserves the right at any time and without prior notice to refuse admission to or expel any Attendee from the Racecourse who it considers, in its absolute direction, has breached or is likely to breach the Entry Contract or behaves in an unacceptable or unruly manner or in a manner likely to cause offence other Attendees.


ABANDONED RACING – In the event of racing being abandoned before the first race, a full refund of your ticket price is available. A 50% refund is available if racing is abandoned before the third race or the feature race if later. There is no refund thereafter. Refunds are not available on the day of racing.


TICKETS – Tickets should only be purchased from authorised source approved by JCR. Any ticket obtained in breach of the Entry Contract will be void. Tickets and badges remain property of Jockey Club Racecourses. RacePass tickets are subject to availability. Please note Racepass 18to24 can only be used for advanced purchases online. It cannot be used to purchase walk up tickets on the day. 


RESTRICTIONS ON COMMERCIAL AND PROMTIONAL ACTIVITIES – Save as expressly permitted by JCR, trading, advertising, leafleting, and commercial or promotional activities of any kind by Attendees within or in close proximity to, the racecourse is strictly prohibited. You undertake not to make any commercial use of any audio/visual coverage, still images or data relating to racing at the Racecourse.


PHOTOGRAPHY AND OTHER AUDIO OR VISUAL RECORDS OF THE EVENT – By entering the Racecourse Attendees accept that (1)  they may appear in photographs and audio and visual coverage of race events contained within promotional materials produced by or on behalf of JCR. (2) They shall have no right to object to, or demand payment in respect of, their inclusion in any such materials.


SEARCHES – Entry into, and the right to remain within, the Racecourse is conditional upon the requirement to submit to a search of the Attendee and as applicable his/her bags and vehicle.


FOOD AND DRINK – You shall not take any food, drink, glass bottles or glasses onto any part of the Racecourse unless this is specifically permitted by the operator.


These additional terms and conditions apply to RacePass 18-24 ticket holders.

You must bring your valid membership card, without it your tickets are not valid.

The discount of 50% off applies to our on the day walk up price, and not the advanced online pre-book price.

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