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What is a Placepot?


The Tote Placepot is one of the most popular bets in racing and for many signals the start to a day’s racing. The Placepot is available every day, at every UK and Irish meeting.

Covering the first six races of the day, you don’t even need to choose the winner to triumph.


How do you do a Placepot?


  • To build your Placepot, pick at least one horse to place in the first six races of the day.
  • Picking more than one horse in each race is known as a ‘perm’ (permutation) bet.
  • In each race at least one of your selections needs to place for you to stay in the Placepot.
  • If you have a placed horse in each of the six races, you win!


building your placepot


There are lots of different ways to select the horses in your Tote Placepot, including:


  • Studying the Form – racecards give information about a horses’ previous performance which can be a good indication of how well a horse is likely to perform.

To understand more about reading the form in a racecard, click here.


  • Lucky Pick- Lucky Picks use a smart algorithm weighted towards the likely outcome of a race to create bets.

Lucky Pick is also available for every bet type on a racecourse and start at just £2. Ask a member of the Tote team for a Lucky Pick bet.


  • Following the Favourites- if you can’t pick which horse to back, you can pick the Favourite for each race. To do this, on-course simply write ‘FAV’ for each leg on your betting slip, or select ‘FAV’ when placing your bet through or the Tote app.

A horse may also catch your eye from the colour of their silks or their name. Each horse is listed in the racecard and on screens at Tote positions so if there’s one you like- pick them!



frequently asked questions


The number of horses that ‘place’ in a race depends on the numbers of runners. The more horses in the race, the more horses will place, as shown below:


4 or less runners - no place betting, so you need to pick the winner

Between 5 and 8 runners - 1st and 2nd 

More than 8 runners - 1st, 2nd and 3rd

Handicaps with 16 or more runners- 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th

To work out the cost of your Placepot, when you have chosen the horses you want to back, multiply the number of selections (horses you’ve picked) in each race to show how many ‘lines’ or bets you are placing. Remember, you can pick more than one horse in each leg.


For example:

Leg 1- 2 selections

Leg 2- 1 selection

Leg 3- 3 selections

Leg 4- 1 selection

Leg 5- 2 selections

Leg 6- 1 selection

2x1x3x1x2x1= 12 lines.

This is effectively 12 separate Placepot bets within the permutation.


Next, decide how much you would like to spend per line and multiply this by the number of lines.

So, the example Placepot will be:

2x1x3x1x2x1= 12 @50p per line = £6


The minimum stake (total cost of your bet) for a Placepot is £2 on-course and 50p at or through the Tote Placepot app.

Your winnings depend on the size of the pool which is shared out (after deductions) with all the winners. The fewer people that win, the higher the dividend.


All winnings are paid out to a £1 stake.


After each leg, the Placepot dividend will be updated on - keep an eye out on-course for updates to!


The biggest win from a placepot on-course was at The Festival, Cheltenham in 2019. One lucky racegoer won over £182,000 from a £2 stake!


Ready to create your Placepot?


Build yours at


All new customers will receive a £10 Welcome Offer.

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