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Providing you with support

Outplacement First has been asked by The Jockey Club to provide you with support during this period of change. As a result we’re offering all Jockey Club Racecourses employees the opportunity to take part in workshops to help you during this period of change for the organisation. This might be support for those of you who are directly impacted by the restructure or others who want to be able to help friends and colleagues during this time and in the days and weeks which follow.


Why is my employer providing this service? Is there a catch?

The Jockey Club wants to help you to navigate the upcoming changes. We appreciate that it is a difficult time and want to help you develop an awareness of the physical and emotional impacts of the changes, find ways to navigate through this period and take care of yourself. There’s no catch. You don’t have to pay anything and the service is completely confidential.


What will the workshop cover?

This workshop will help you develop coping mechanisms and increase your resilience. We hope it will help you to feel more confident and comfortable throughout the period of change. Over the course of the workshop you will discuss how change affects you and your colleagues both physically and mentally and how to help yourself and others.


Will my manager be attending with me?

No, this workshop is for you and your colleagues to be able to talk openly and in confidence with a change specialist to understand your reaction to what is going on.


Managers will be able to join separate workshops designed to help them with their own challenges.


Will what I say during the workshop be confidential?

Yes, the workshops to be conducted in complete confidence.


Do I have to attend?

No, it is entirely voluntary but we think you might find it useful.


Who else will attend?

You will be allocated to a group with 14 of your colleagues. Outplacement First will try to group you based on location so that you know people in your workshop.



If you have any questions about this service, how it can benefit you or any more information about any aspect of the service please call 0345 3409849 and Outplacement First will be delighted to answer any questions you may have.

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