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The Jockey Club‘s Virtual Christmas Quiz will take place on Thursday 17th December at 4.30pm. This will be hosted on Zoom alongside a special quiz website that allows us to enter our answers and play along together.


You’ll need to run the quiz from a mobile phone and connect to the Zoom meeting link (which can be found below) from a separate device, so please do read on to find out all the details.


Good luck!




As mentioned in our previous communications, we are aiming to raise funds for Racing Welfare. Therefore if you are able to make a small donation of £2 or more, please visit Every donation will be gratefully received to support the amazing work of the team there.




Please feel free to dress for the occasion. We would love to see your best Christmas jumpers, reindeer antlers and any other festive accessories! You won’t be seen on the Zoom screen unless you want to, so send your photos in to +44 (0)7811 013297 either by text or WhatsApp – winners will be chosen and announced at the end.



We have fantastic prizes for our Quiz winner and runners-up from Fortnum & Mason:






Auction Prizes will be disclosed on the night - but expect something ‘a bit different’!



We’ll be starting with a fun celebrity quiz and some ‘on the spot’ prizes. After that it will all get a bit more serious as we head into our Virtual Christmas Quiz!




We recommend that you do this in good time for a 4.30pm kick-off. For those of you working onsite, providing you have your manager’s permission, you are welcome to leave early to get home in time to join in. Troubleshooting information can be found below, should you experience any problems accessing the quiz.


IMPORTANT: Please run the quiz from a mobile phone, and connect to the Zoom meeting link below from a separate device. You should also keep your phone ‘awake’ and on the page ready to play.


  • Have your phone ready, charged and with internet connection
  • Go to
  • Enter your chosen team name (no special characters).
  • Enter the pin provided by your host (this will be generated at the start of the quiz).
  • Click ‘Join Game’.
  • Click accept and continue.
  • Await game start.
  • Please note that if you take an incoming call on your phone during the quiz, the game will carry on without you. You will need to return to the quiz page and it will connect you at the next possible point. This will not mark you as cheating.


If you do not have access to two devices, we will set up a screen in a socially distanced room at your location of work. You will though, need a smartphone to access and participate in the quiz.


KwizzBit has an anti-cheating mechanism that kicks in if it detects that a player has left the game page. This prevents them from answering the next question. So please be warned it will detect if you leave the game page and not allow you to answer the next question.



  • Ensure device is connected to secure Wi-Fi for best results
  • If you encounter any trouble connecting, we advise clearing your browser history and cookies
  • Keep device awake on the game page ready to play
  • If you do suffer a disconnection from locking your phone or using other apps, please be patient and wait on the game page whilst the system automatically reconnects you at the earliest opportunity (usually next time the host advances the quiz)



To join the meeting click on the link below:


Join Zoom Meeting


Meeting ID: 927 4838 1057


Passcode: 383367



Donate Here


Thank you for supporting our Christmas Quiz and for your donations to Racing Welfare. Please also help ensure that any colleagues currently on furlough leave are kept informed and receive the invitation.


Thank you and best wishes.


The Jockey Club Quiz Team


Disclaimer: two of the most non-Christmassy elves have been employed to run tonight’s quiz. They have enlisted a plethora of wonderful helpers and the outcome is a quiz, unlike any other. Please enter the quiz in the spirit of Christmas, and the decisions of the grumpy elves (judges) is final!


It is very likely that it will go a little wrong, but we are all doing our best in extremely challenging times, and all we ask is that you play along and have fun, and we wish everybody a very Happy Christmas!


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