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Day 3

It’s day three of Racing Welfare’s 7 Days of Kindness initiative during Mental Health Awareness Week and we’re asking you to think about showing some kindness – to YOURSELF!


Self-care can be easy to forget but it is crucial to our mental wellbeing. Here are a few top tips for looking after your own mental health:



Staying at home doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t continue doing what you enjoy. Try new hobbies, cook new recipes, enjoy a film or a TV series you have been meaning to watch for a while, learn a new skill, do some DIY, take up a new exercise such as yoga to relax, or even meditation.



Following new government guidelines, if you are living in England you are now able to exercise outside more than once a day. Although your job may involve physical exercise, other non-work related exercise can help you relax. Twenty minutes of exercise per day helps to boost your mood and reduce anxiety.



Mindfulness involves clearing your mind of all thoughts and focussing on the present. You can even take time during your shifts while walking to and from the gallops, for example, to focus fully on the present. Just 10 minutes of mindfulness per day can positively affect your mental health. There are also plenty of mindfulness and meditation apps and podcasts available such as Headspace and the Calm app.



While it is useful to stay up to date with the news, it is easy to spend hours reading reports on Covdi-19. This can lead to increased stress and anxiety so it is worth sticking to one trusted news outlet and consider limiting your time on social media apps. Too much time on devices can also affect your sleep, subsequently affecting your mood and productivity.



Stay in touch with your loved ones safely. There are a number of ways to connect with those you are currently unable to visit in person. Video calls, texts and emails help you to feel more connected and less isolated and this contact will be appreciated by your friends and family too. Try and schedule time in to talk to friends and family like you would a coffee or a lunch date.



You can find more advice on self-care and mental health by visiting our Support Line at or by calling 0800 6300 443.



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