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The Jockey Club

What are our Greener Racedays?

A variety of initiatives are being trialled across the Greener Racedays with the intention of finding permanent changes to further reduce our impact on the environment.


It is our vision at The Jockey Club to continue as a leader in sustainability in horse racing and across the sports sector, constantly reviewing the effect we have on the environment and identifying opportunities to minimise any negative impact.

How can I get involved as a racegoer?

  • Think about how you're travelling to the racecourse, can you car share or use public transport?
  • Is your ticket on your phone? If you have scannable code, save paper, there’s no need to print it
  • Bring a re-useable water bottle so you won’t need to use a single-use one
  • Help us to recycle by checking which bin to use or returning bottles and cups to the bar so that we can put them in the right bin for you


We established our ‘Going Green’ engagement programme in 2012. The ‘Going Green’ programme has included several initiatives such as Green Roadshows, Green Newsletters, Bank Holiday shutdowns and support of national and international environmental campaigns like Earth Hour.

We proudly became a zero-waste-to-landfill business in 2018 and have committed to being Carbon Neutral by 2027.


The Jockey Club is committed to Carbon Neutral from 2027 with an ambition to get to Net Zero as soon as possible. As part of this commitment, we are:

1. Reducing mainline energy consumption
2. Purchasing electricity from certified renewable sources
3. Increasing the amount of renewable electricity generated on site
4. Reducing the volume of general waste
5. Eliminating unnecessary single-use plastic
6. Supporting sustainable travel
7. Encouraging biodiversity and boosting the natural environment across our sites
8. Reducing reliance on mains water where Equine Welfare allows
9. Seeking out innovations to support the sustainability agenda
10. Encouraging customers to act sustainably

Sustainability remains at the core of The Jockey Club’s ethos of looking forward and safeguarding the future of horseracing and our venues. We are excited to be striving for Net Zero with an interim commitment to be Carbon Neutral by 2027.

Nevin Truesdale

Group Chief Executive

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