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Memorial Garden Newmarket

Article 5th April 2019 Newmarket

Memorial Garden Newmarket - Grand Opening Today at 4pm

To mark the opening of the Memorial Gardens Newmarket Town Council ran a competition for writers aged 16 and under to write no more than 500 words titled What My Community Means To Me’.

The winning poem...

What Community Means to Me
Sadie Curtis, Age 8

Community is the woman we pass on the way to school every day.
It is the kids in the park who love to play.

Community is the man in the shop who sells the flowers.
It is the horses who exercise in the early hours.

Community is the wonderful people we meet.
It is the restaurants that provide good food for us to eat.

Community is the schools that teach kids things they need to know.
It is the family and friends and people who love us so.

Community is the sweets that people make that lighten up our day.
It is places like Memorial Hall and Palace House that are here to stay.

Most of all, community is people like you and me.
That is why Newmarket is the place to be.


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