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Celebrating the most Group Meetings

at the Home of Horseracing

Don’t miss our exciting Group Meeting Rating Cards during every Group meeting at the Home of Horseracing in 2019! Newmarket is home of the most group race meetings in the UK and to celebrate, we’re launching limited edition digital Rating cards for all of our Group Winners in 2019.


The digital Performance cards will be available to all customers who book their tickets online to any of our Group Race Meetings, listed below, and to Annual Badge Holders. They will be released by email 2 days after the race meeting. Annual Badge holders will be able to view their Rating cards in their monthly Newsletters, which are sent on or around the 1st of every month – April to November.


There are 16 race meetings to visit in total and 35 cards to collect!


Racing Cards are limited edition collector items exclusively to the Home of Horseracing. They are designed to reward our visitors with a memento for the 2019 season and for our hardcore collectors – a little fun can be had comparing the ratings given on each card!

Group Meetings in 2019 include:


  • Craven Meeting – 16th April (1x GP3)
  • Craven Meeting – 17th April (2x GP3)
  • Craven Meeting – 18th April (1x GP3)
  • 2000 Guineas – 4th May (1x GP3, 1x GP2, 1x GP1)
  • 1000 Guineas – 5th May (1x GP2, 1x GP1)
  • Summer Saturday – 29th June (1x GP3)
  • Ladies Day – 11h July (1x GP3, 2x GP2,)
  • Feel Good Friday – 12th July (1x GP2, 1x GP1)
  • July Cup – 13th July (1x GP2, 1x GP1)
  • Summer Saturday – 10th August (1x GP3)
  • Cambridgeshire Thursday – 26th September (1x GP3)
  • Cambridgeshire Friday – 27th September (1x GP3, 2x GP2)
  • Cambridgeshire Saturday – 28th September (1x GP2, 2x GP1)
  • Sun Chariot Day – 5th October (1x GP1)
  • Dubai Friday – 11th October (3x GP3, 1x GP2, 1x GP1)
  • Dubai Saturday – 12th October (3x GP3, 1x GP1)


35 cards to collect.

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