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Racing Explained

The going is a term that you will hear a lot in racing.


It is a description of the conditions underfoot on the course and it is important because it can affect a horse’s performance. The more moisture in the ground, the softer or slower the going. The drier the ground, the firmer or faster the going becomes.

In British racing going varies from : Heavy – Soft – Good to Soft – Good – Good to Firm – Firm.


Each of these terms may be combined to provide a more accurate description: Soft (Good to Soft in places), Soft (Heavy in places) etc.


The going report may also provide additional information such as ‘watering’. This is when the Clerk of the Course decides to water the course to make the going softer.


Horses, like humans, can prefer a softer or firmer ground. You may hear people talking about horses acting on the ground or acting on the going.

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