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Five Step

One of the best ways to brighten up your garden is to introduce a hanging basket or two. The beauty of these bursts of colour is that you don’t need a huge outdoor space and they can live happily just about anywhere.


Here our Deputy Head Groundsman at Epsom Downs, Chris Youngs, talks us through a simple five step procedure to create the perfect hanging basket to help you become the envy of your neighbours.



  • Baskets of 14 inch or 16 inch are plenty big enough for your garden and chains.


  • Basket liners that correspond with the hanging basket size (measure the diameter right through middle of the top of the basket – see picture 1). These can be purchased from garden centres or online.


  • A medium size bag of general purpose compost.


  • The flowers. I went for Geraniums for the middle as a feature, petunia and lobelia around for the outside so they flow over the edge in a few weeks’ time. I went to a garden centre as there was a bit of a wait online currently.

Follow the Steps

Insert the liner (for mine I used chicken wire to hold it in a bit better as it was falling out. If you have a single liner it will stay put though). Make sure it is sitting just slightly above the top of basket as when you put the compost in it will pull the liner down.

Fill the hanging basket just below half-way with compost and gently firm. So you are able to arrange the flowers how you wish without digging them in.

Once you’re happy with the arrangement of the flower with trailing plants around the outside and a feature flower which will grow upwards (rather than trailing) for the middle, then gently fill the gaps in between each flower with more compost. Then lightly press it down so there are no gaps of air between flower roots.

Attach the chains back onto the hanging basket in the designated places. Lift the basket into the air and wait for it to stop moving and pick the best side with the most and healthiest plants facing you. (This is the side you want to have facing out away from the wall). Now you can hang your hanging basket.

Hanging baskets need more water than flowers in the garden or in pots due to them being more exposed to the elements. So water at least three times a week during dry periods. Regular feeds of a multipurpose plant feed or even Tomorite will help them produce more flowers. As will regularly dead-heading any flowers which are starting to die off.

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