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Rump of English Lamb
Boxty potato, charred hipsi cabbage, turnip and a rosemary jus


A dish created for St Patricks Day. Rump is an extremely tasty cut of lamb. It has a layer of fat running across the top making it ideal for roasting and pan frying. Cooked properly and well rested it is also tender.

Hispi cabbage is the pointy ended cabbage with a mild sweet flavour, also known as sweetheart cabbage. It is an excellent variety to have in the kitchen and is easily grown if you have a vegetable garden.

Potato boxty is a traditional potato cake of Irish origin. It comprises seasoned mash with grated potato which is then pan fried. Rooster potatoes are an ideal variety for this. In season turnips and a smooth carrot puree add extra vegetables to this dish, accompanied by a rich red wine and rosemary jus.



For the Lamb

  • 4 Rumps of English Lamb
  • 20ml Rapeseed oil
  • For the vegetables
  • 300g Carrots, peeled and sliced
  • 100ml Double cream
  • 1 Hispi Cabbage
  • 2 Small turnips


For the boxty potato

  • 200g Mashed potato – leftovers will do!
  • 300g Grated Raw potato
  • 20ml Rapeseed oil

For the sauce

  • 300ml Good beef stock
  • 50ml Red wine
  • 1 Sprig of rosemary
  • 1 tsp Corn flour

1. Set the oven at 180oC


Prepare and cook the vegetables



2. Cut the cabbage into 1/4s lengthways leaving the stems on and blanch in hot water. Set aside.



3. Prepare the carrots and place into a saucepan with the double cream and cook gently until the carrots are soft.



4. Thinly slice the turnips and shallow fry in a little oil until golden brown. Set aside on some kitchen towel.


Seal the lamb



5. Heat the oil for the lamb in a frying pan and seal it all over. Season with salt and pepper and put into the oven but keep the frying pan.


Cook the potatoes



6. For the boxty combine the mashed potato and the grated potato, season with salt and pepper and pan fry in a ring mould until nicely coloured. Then put into the oven next to the lamb.

7. Cook the lamb in the oven for approx. 20 minutes and if using a probe thermometer cook it to 55oC. Allow to rest. It should be served pink.


Finish the vegetables


lamb_7a.jpg lamb_7b.jpg

8. Remove the carrots from the cream and blend using a hand blender. Gradually pour in the cream while the blender is running to create a smooth puree. Season and keep warm.



9. Brush some oil over the cabbage and char grill or brown in a frying pan. Keep warm.


Make the sauce



10. To make the sauce place the rosemary in the pan that the lamb was sealed in, add the wine and reduce by half. Add the beef stock and reduce again to 200ml. Make a paste with the cornflour and a little cold water. Stir into the reduced stock and cook it out to thicken the sauce.


Assemble and serve


lamb_10.jpg lamb_11a.jpg

11. Slice the lamb into 3 nice slices, place some carrot puree on the plate and arrange the vegetables and boxty next to the lamb. Garnish with the turnips and dress with the hot sauce.






This recipe was brought to you by…


Warren O’Connor
Head Chef at Cheltenham Racecourse



This recipe was brought to you by…


Lawrie Jeffries
Head Chef at Warwick Racecourse



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