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The Groundstaff teams at our racecourses know how to care for grass.


After all we have quite a lot of it. So we asked the teams for their tips on getting your lawn through the winter months,


Give it a rest!


Try to give your lawn as much as a break as possible during winter. This is because the grass plants are not actively growing and so cannot repair themselves if damaged until the spring. This is especially important when wet or frosty – it might be fun to crunch around on the grass, but it doesn’t do it any good at all.


Skip the mowing


Don’t mow if you can avoid it. If winter is warm and your grass continues to grow, you may need to, but avoid it if frosts are expected or if the ground is very wet.


Clear leaves and debris


Use a light rake or brush to keep the lawn free of leaves and debris. This is also a good way to clear snow without damaging the grass itself.


Let it breathe


If you are feeling energetic, take a fork to it!  Stick the fork in at regular intervals across your lawn. This will break up the soil structure, improve drainage and allow more air into the root system.


Love your worms


Remember worms are important. They improve the nutrient content of a soil and its structure. Leave worm casts to dry and then sweep away with a stiff brush.


Time for a new mower?


Is it time to service or replace your mower?  The best thing for a healthy lawn is a mower with sharp blades in good condition.

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