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Cheltenham Racecourse



Cheltenham Racecourse has a history of welcoming dog walkers onto the private land surrounding the course, encouraging all user groups to enjoy the space.


The Racecourse is currently working towards making access to the land as friendly as possible, whilst ensuring that safety standards are met and that on-site events aren’t compromised. To do this we have updated our dog walking policy and it is important that ALL dog walkers are aware of the changes.


These changes concern the need for professional dog walkers to apply for a permit to walk dogs around the racecourse grounds.




What is the nature of your dog walking?




Do I need a permit if I am an independent person walking my dog? 

No, it is free to walk in but if you have a vehicle you will need a permit (no charge)  


Do I need a permit if I am a professional dog walker? 

Yes, you will need to apply for one and it will cost £120 and is valid for a year - applications are now open and you can apply below.


How many dogs can be walked at once? 

Maximum of 4 dogs per person 


Why are we having to pay to walk the dogs? 

To enable us to ensure continued maintenance of the racecourse and surrounding land and keeping the site tidy and clean. It is also to help us keep the racecourse safe and secure so we can monitor all vehicles coming on site


Terms and Conditions


  • The pass holder understands that the opening hours of Cheltenham Racecourse car parks to dog walkers are dawn until 7pm, or dusk, whichever is the earliest.
  • The pass holder agrees to park in the designated parking areas for dog walkers.
  • The pass holder understands that they may walk a maximum of four dogs at any one time, and that all dogs must be under control at all times.
  • The pass holder agrees to follow the designated public footpath, not deviating through car parks, other footpaths, or horse walks.
  • The pass holder understands that Cheltenham Racecourse staff, including security, may stop any vehicle and ask for details, even when showing a valid car pass.
  • The pass holder agrees to abide by the 20mph speed restriction on site at all times.
  • The pass holder understands that a pass may be revoked and removed at any time for a valid reason (including, but not limited to; aggressive or violent behaviour; repeat trespassing onto private land; repeat failure to park within the designated zones; refusal to pick up dog fouling; and having out of control dogs).
  • The pass holder agrees to pick up all dog fouling and either deposit in the designated dog waste bins (not regular bins), or to take it home.
  • The pass holder understands that it is a legal requirement for all dogs to be micro-chipped.
  • The pass holder understands that it is a legal requirement (The Control of Dogs Order 1992) for all dogs on public land to wear a collar with a tag which details the name and address of the owner.

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