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Declared runners for Saturday, November 17 & Sunday, November 18 at The November Meeting

Press Release 16th November 2018 Cheltenham

12.40pm JCB Triumph Trial Juvenile Hurdle (Grade 2) 2m 87y
1 Cracker Factory Alan King 11st 3lb Daryl Jacob
2 Quel Destin (FR) Paul Nicholls 11st 3lb Harry Cobden
3 Il Re di Nessuno (FR) Gary Moore 10st 12lb Jamie Moore
4 Katpoli (FR) (Tongue Strap) Dr Richard Newland 10st 12lb Sam Twiston-Davies
5 Montestrel (FR) Mrs Jane Williams 10st 12lb Lizzie Kelly
6 Needs To Be Seen (FR) (Blinkers) John Ryan 10st 12lb Paddy Brennan
7 Never Adapt (FR) (Hood) Nicky Henderson 10st 10lb Barry Geraghty
1.15pm Novices' Chase 3m 80y
1 Minella Awards (IRE) (Tongue Strap) Harry Fry 11st 5lb Noel Fehily
2 The Worlds End (IRE) Tom George 11st 5lb A. P. Heskin
3 Brynmawr Colin Tizzard 11st 0lb Tom Scudamore
4 Ibis du Rheu (FR) (Tongue Strap) Paul Nicholls 11st 0lb Harry Cobden
5 Shannon Bridge (IRE) (Tongue Strap) Dan Skelton 11st 0lb Bridget Andrews
6 Theatre Territory (IRE) (Sheepskin C/P) Warren Greatrex 10st 7lb Mr Sam Waley-Cohen
1.50pm BetVictor.Com Handicap Chase (Grade 3) 3m 3f 71y
1 Coneygree (Tongue Strap) Mark Bradstock 11st 12lb Sean Bowen
2 Virgilio (FR) (Tongue Strap) Dan Skelton 11st 9lb Bridget Andrews
3 Perfect Candidate (IRE) Fergal O'Brien 11st 2lb Paddy Brennan
4 Vicente (FR) (Hood) Paul Nicholls 11st 1lb Harry Cobden
5 Rock The Kasbah (IRE) (Sheepskin C/P) Philip Hobbs 10st 13lb Richard Johnson
6 Singlefarmpayment (Hood) Tom George 10st 12lb Noel Fehily
7 Royal Vacation (IRE) Colin Tizzard 10st 9lb Tom O'Brien
8 Calett Mad (FR) (Tongue Strap) Nigel Twiston-Davies 10st 7lb Daryl Jacob
9 Daklondike (IRE) (Tongue Strap, Sheepskin C/P) David Pipe 10st 6lb Tom Scudamore
10 Cogry Nigel Twiston-Davies 10st 5lb Sam Twiston-Davies
11 Mysteree (IRE) (Sheepskin C/P) Michael Scudamore 10st 2lb Jamie Moore
12 The Young Master (Sheepskin C/P) Neil Mulholland 10st 1lb
13 Looking Well (IRE) Nicky Richards 10st 1lb Brian Hughes
14 Sharp Response (IRE) Sue Smith 10st 1lb Adam Wedge
15 Pure Vision (IRE) (Tongue Strap) Anthony Honeyball 10st 0lb Richie McLernon
16 Doing Fine (IRE) (Visor, Tongue Strap) Neil Mulholland 10st 0lb Robert Dunne
2.25pm BetVictor Gold Cup Handicap Chase (Grade 3) 2m 4f 44y
1 Frodon (FR) (Tongue Strap) Paul Nicholls 11st 12lb Bryony Frost
2 Mister Whitaker (IRE) Mick Channon 11st 3lb A. P. Heskin
3 Javert (IRE) Emma Lavelle 11st 1lb Adam Wedge
4 Benatar (IRE) Gary Moore 11st 0lb Jamie Moore
5 Rather Be (IRE) Nicky Henderson 11st 0lb Jeremiah McGrath
6 Kalondra (IRE) (Tongue Strap) Neil Mulholland 10st 13lb Noel Fehily
7 Baron Alco (FR) Gary Moore 10st 11lb Joshua Moore
8 Shantou Village (IRE) (Tongue Strap, Sheepskin C/P) Neil Mulholland 10st 8lb Robert Dunne
9 West Approach (Blinkers) Colin Tizzard 10st 7lb Richard Johnson
10 Splash of Ginge Nigel Twiston-Davies 10st 6lb Jamie Bargary
11 Happy Diva (IRE) (Tongue Strap) Kerry Lee 10st 5lb Richard Patrick (3)
12 Movewiththetimes (IRE) Paul Nicholls 10st 5lb Barry Geraghty
13 King's Socks (FR) (Tongue Strap) David Pipe 10st 4lb Tom Scudamore
14 Romain de Senam (FR) (Hood, Tongue Strap) Paul Nicholls 10st 3lb Harry Cobden
15 Ballyandy Nigel Twiston-Davies 10st 2lb Sam Twiston-Davies
16 Geordie des Champs (IRE) Rebecca Curtis 10st 2lb Niall Madden
17 Guitar Pete (IRE) Nicky Richards 10st 2lb Brian Hughes
18 Willie Boy (IRE) Charlie Longsdon 10st 1lb Richie McLernon
19 Eamon An Cnoic (IRE) (Tongue Strap, Sheepskin C/P) David Pipe 10st 0lb David Noonan
20 Whoshotwho (IRE) Dr Richard Newland 10st 0lb Sean Bowen Reserves
R21 Black Scorpion (IRE) Eric McNamara, Ireland 10st 0lb
3.00pm Regulatory Finance Solutions Handicap Hurdle (Listed Race) 2m 7f 208y
1 Dell' Arca (IRE) (Blinkers, Tongue Strap) David Pipe 11st 12lb David Noonan
2 Boyhood (IRE) Tom George 11st 8lb Paddy Brennan
3 Vieux Lion Rouge (FR) (Sheepskin C/P) David Pipe 11st 6lb Tom Scudamore
4 The Eaglehaslanded (IRE) (Blinkers, Tongue Strap) Paul Nicholls 11st 1lb Harry Cobden
5 Goodbye Dancer (FR) Nigel Twiston-Davies 11st 0lb Sam Twiston-Davies
6 Weebill Olly Murphy 10st 11lb Richard Johnson
7 First Assignment (IRE) Ian Williams 10st 9lb Tom O'Brien
8 Master Dancer (Sheepskin C/P) Tim Vaughan 10st 8lb Alan Johns
9 Anteros (IRE) (Tongue Strap, Sheepskin C/P) Sophie Leech 10st 8lb Sean Houlihan (5)
10 Buckle Street (Blinkers) Martin Keighley 10st 7lb Harry Stock (5)
11 Sweet Home Chicago (IRE) Colin Bowe, Ireland 10st 2lb A. P. Heskin
3.30pm BetVictor Intermediate Handicap Hurdle 2m 5f
1 Westend Story (IRE) Philip Hobbs 11st 12lb Richard Johnson
2 Point of Principle (IRE) Tim Vaughan 11st 12lb Alan Johns
3 Dell Oro (FR) Gary Moore 11st 11lb Joshua Moore
4 Equus Millar (IRE) Nigel Twiston-Davies 11st 6lb Sam Twiston-Davies
5 Serosevsky (IRE) (Tongue Strap) Harry Fry 11st 4lb Noel Fehily
6 Louse Talk (IRE) Charlie Longsdon 11st 2lb Brian Hughes
7 Lungarno Palace (USA) Fergal O'Brien 11st 2lb Alain Cawley
8 Lygon Rock (IRE) Henry Daly 11st 0lb Tom Scudamore
9 Mellow Ben (IRE) Chris Gordon 10st 12lb Tom Cannon
10 Aye Right (IRE) Harriet Graham 10st 12lb Callum Bewley
11 Le Musee (FR) (Tongue Strap) Nigel Hawke 10st 11lb Sean Bowen
12 Christmas In April (FR) Colin Tizzard 10st 10lb Harry Cobden
13 Mahlervous (IRE) Warren Greatrex 10st 8lb A. P. Heskin
14 Speedo Boy (FR) (Tongue Strap) Ian Williams 10st 7lb Tom O'Brien
15 Internal Transfer Eric McNamara, Ireland 10st 4lb
4.00pm Karndean Mares' Standard Open National Hunt Flat Race (Listed Race) 2m 87y
1 Cardigan Bay (FR) (Hood, Tongue Strap) Charlie Longsdon 11st 0lb Brian Hughes
2 Cedar Valley (IRE) Philip Hobbs 11st 0lb Richard Johnson
3 Crossgalesfamegame (IRE) Fergal O'Brien 11st 0lb Mr Simon Morgan
4 Danse Idol (IRE) Paul Nicholls 11st 0lb Harry Cobden
5 Kalifornia (IRE) Henry Daly 11st 0lb Tom O'Brien
6 Legends Gold (IRE) Rebecca Curtis 11st 0lb Adam Wedge
7 Mega Yeats (IRE) Ruth Jefferson 11st 0lb Jamie Hamilton
8 Moor Freedom Polly Gundry 11st 0lb Sam Twiston-Davies
9 Mrs Hyde (IRE) Fergal O'Brien 11st 0lb Paddy Brennan
10 Pink Rock (IRE) Eoin Griffin, Ireland 11st 0lb Barry Geraghty
11 Poperinghe Ginger (IRE) Graeme McPherson 11st 0lb Kielan Woods
12 Royal Illusion (IRE) W. P. Mullins, Ireland 11st 0lb Daniel Mullins
13 Stacey Sue (IRE) Alex Hales 11st 0lb Noel Fehily
14 Tashunka (IRE) Fergal O'Brien 11st 0lb Alain Cawley
15 The Glancing Queen (IRE) Alan King 11st 0lb Wayne Hutchinson

1.15pm Steve And Sue Ibberson Happy Retirement Conditional Jockeys' Handicap Hurdle 2m 5f
1 Follow The Bear (IRE) Nicky Henderson 11st 12lb Ned Curtis (3)
2 Sword of Fate (IRE) Leonard Kerr 11st 12lb
3 Palmers Hill (IRE) Jonjo O'Neill 11st 11lb Jonjo O'Neill Jr. (3)
4 Vaniteux (FR) (Sheepskin C/P) David Pipe 11st 11lb Ross Chapman
5 Gray Day (IRE) Donald McCain 11st 9lb Lorcan Murtagh (3)
6 Hurricane Dylan (IRE) Kevin Frost 11st 9lb Sam Coltherd
7 The Dellercheckout (IRE) Paul Nicholls 11st 9lb Lorcan Williams (6)
8 Solo Saxophone (IRE) (Blinkers, Tongue Strap) Dan Skelton 11st 9lb William Marshall (10)
9 Max Forte (IRE) (Sheepskin C/P) Chris Down 11st 9lb Sean Houlihan
10 Minellaforleisure (IRE) Alex Hales 11st 8lb Fergus Gregory
11 Coeur Pensif (FR) Ben Pauling 11st 6lb Danny McMenamin (7)
12 Mr Mafia (IRE) (Sheepskin C/P) Martin Keighley 11st 5lb Harry Stock (3)
13 Three Star General (Sheepskin C/P) David Pipe 11st 4lb Charlie Hammond
14 Utility (GER) David Bridgwater 11st 4lb Callum McKinnes (7)
15 Camron de Chaillac (FR) Nigel Hawke 11st 3lb Tom Buckley (10)
16 Ballyhome (IRE) Fergal O'Brien 11st 3lb Connor Brace (10)
17 Valadom (FR) (Tongue Strap, Sheepskin C/P) Richard Hobson 11st 3lb Tom Broughton (10)
18 Aasleagh Dawn (IRE) Gavin Cromwell, Ireland 11st 3lb (7lb ex) Kieron Edgar
19 Maguire's Glen (IRE) Grace Harris 11st 2lb Conor Ring
20 Sliding Doors (IRE) Ian Williams 11st 2lb Edward Austin (8)
21 Ringmoylan (IRE) Tracey Leeson 11st 1lb Graham Carson (7)
22 Lord Getaway (IRE) James Evans 10st 10lb Tom Humphries (5)
23 Offshore Oscar (IRE) Eric McNamara, Ireland 10st 9lb
24 Unblinking Nigel Twiston-Davies 10st 6lb Jordan Nailor (8)
Eliminations: Black Buble (FR), Itsamanslife (IRE), With Pleasure
1.50pm Racing Post Arkle Trophy Trial Novices' Chase (Grade 2) 1m 7f 199y
1 Claimantakinforgan (FR) Nicky Henderson 11st 2lb Jeremiah McGrath
2 Defi Du Seuil (FR) Philip Hobbs 11st 2lb Barry Geraghty
3 Dynamite Dollars (FR) Paul Nicholls 11st 2lb Harry Cobden
4 Lalor (GER) Kayley Woollacott 11st 2lb Richard Johnson
5 One For Billy (Tongue Strap) Dan Skelton 11st 2lb Harry Skelton
6 Pingshou (IRE) Colin Tizzard 11st 2lb Tom Scudamore
2.25pm Shloer Chase (Grade 2) 1m 7f 199y
1 Simply Ned (IRE) Nicky Richards 11st 6lb Brian Hughes
2 Le Prezien (FR) (Tongue Strap) Paul Nicholls 11st 4lb Barry Geraghty
3 Sceau Royal (FR) Alan King 11st 3lb Daryl Jacob
4 Brain Power (IRE) Nicky Henderson 11st 0lb Aidan Coleman
5 Forest Bihan (FR) (Sheepskin C/P) Brian Ellison 11st 0lb Danny Cook
6 Sizing Granite (IRE) (Tongue Strap) Colin Tizzard 11st 0lb Richard Johnson
3.00pm Unibet Greatwood Handicap Hurdle (Grade 3) 2m 87y
1 Old Guard (Sheepskin C/P) Paul Nicholls 11st 12lb Lorcan Williams (5)
2 Verdana Blue (IRE) Nicky Henderson 11st 11lb (5lb ex) Jeremiah McGrath
3 Mohaayed (Tongue Strap) Dan Skelton 11st 6lb Bridget Andrews
4 Charli Parcs (FR) Nicky Henderson 11st 5lb Barry Geraghty
5 Western Ryder (IRE) Warren Greatrex 11st 5lb Richard Johnson
6 Silver Streak (IRE) Evan Williams 11st 5lb Adam Wedge
7 Caius Marcius (IRE) (Sheepskin C/P) Nicky Richards 11st 2lb Brian Hughes
8 Midnight Shadow Sue Smith 11st 1lb Danny Cook
9 Le Patriote (FR) (Sheepskin C/P) Dr Richard Newland 11st 1lb Sam Twiston-Davies
10 Irish Roe (IRE) (Sheepskin C/P) Peter Atkinson 10st 13lb Henry Brooke
11 Storm Rising (IRE) (Blinkers) Dr Richard Newland 10st 11lb Charlie Hammond (5)
12 Nube Negra (SPA) Dan Skelton 10st 9lb Harry Skelton
13 Equus Amadeus (IRE) Tom Lacey 10st 6lb Tom Scudamore
14 Brianstorm (IRE) Venetia Williams 10st 6lb Gavin Sheehan
15 Mad Jack Mytton (IRE) Jonjo O'Neill 10st 4lb Aidan Coleman
16 Vado Forte (FR) Tom Lacey 10st 3lb Robert Dunne
17 Deyrann de Carjac (FR) Alan King 10st 2lb Wayne Hutchinson
18 Not That Fuisse (FR) Dan Skelton 10st 0lb William Marshall (10)
19 Nietzsche (Tongue Strap) Brian Ellison 10st 0lb Danny McMenamin (7)
20 Man of Plenty (Tongue Strap, Sheepskin C/P) Sophie Leech 10st 0lb Sean Houlihan (5)
3.30pm Sky Bet Supreme Trial Novices' Hurdle (Grade 2) 2m 87y
1 Itchy Feet (FR) Olly Murphy 11st 5lb Gavin Sheehan
2 Anytime Will Do (IRE) Dan Skelton 11st 0lb Harry Skelton
3 Colonel Custard (IRE) Nicky Martin 11st 0lb Matt Griffiths
4 Elixir de Nutz (FR) Colin Tizzard 11st 0lb Harry Cobden
5 Seddon (IRE) Tom George 11st 0lb A. P. Heskin
6 Two For Gold (IRE) Kim Bailey 11st 0lb David Bass
4.00pm High Sheriff Of Gloucestershire And Racing Remember Standard Open National Hunt Flat Race (Listed Race) 2m 87y
1 Ask Dillon (IRE) Fergal O'Brien 11st 0lb Paddy Brennan
2 Hold The Note (IRE) Mick Channon 11st 0lb A. P. Heskin
3 Master Debonair Colin Tizzard 11st 0lb James Bowen
4 McFabulous (IRE) Paul Nicholls 11st 0lb Harry Cobden
5 One Touch (IRE) Michael Scudamore 11st 0lb Tom Scudamore
6 Ribble Valley (IRE) Nicky Richards 11st 0lb Brian Hughes
7 Thyme Hill Philip Hobbs 11st 0lb Richard Johnson
8 Unwin Vc Bob Buckler 11st 0lb Sean Houlihan
9 Kissesforkatie (IRE) Jeremy Scott 10st 7lb Nick Scholfield


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