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If you have any questions regarding membership and racing for the upcoming season, view our FAQs below: 


We are no longer continuing with Insurance Bar Membership, which was a temporary membership offered when capacities of rooms had to be restricted due to Covid-19. All Insurance Bar members have had their memberships transferred to Annual Membership (including the Festival), and been provided with a new offering called Seat For The Season that provides a reserved seat for every single race fixture of the year.

Our Annual Memberships for the 2021-22 Season at Cheltenham have now closed. 


If you would like to speak to one of the team please email, or call 01242 537662. Our offices are open 9am-5pm Monday to Friday.

Membership packs are being posted the week commencing October 4th in batches. There has been a delay this year because of supplier issues. We apologise for the inconvenience but you will receive them in good time. Please note, we would prefer to send you your membership bundle rather than pick them up.

We will follow Government guidelines in regards to C-19 and encourage all attendees to take an LFT prior to attending, however this is at your own discretion.


We will have sanitation stations in place, encourage you to socially distance and of course, if you wish you can wear a facemask.

It is likely that we do not have your correct email address, to ensure we have your correct details please include this on your application form or check this with us over the phone. Or you may have opted out of receiving information from us, you can check this and opt-in anytime on your online account with us or you can call us and we will check your details.

For clarity, bookmakers may of course continue to accept cash at their own discretion, discussions are currently taking place between the Racecourse Association and betting operators as to the extent that bookmakers can increase their level of cashless transactions.


In order to protect our employees and customers from the requirement to handle cash during the Covid pandemic, all admissions, food and drink transactions will be cashless at the racecourse.

This is a new offering that is being provided exclusively to Annual Members. The Seat for the Season seats are located outside the Insurance and Night Nurse Bar areas. The seating area will be stewarded for every fixture and seats will be reserved for the holders for every meeting of the year. The price for Seat for the Season is £420 and represents great value for money.

New members are always welcome.


We do ask for an enrolment fee of £100 for membership (full annual memberships), £75 (excluding Festival) and £25 (Seniors). There is no enrolment fee for 18-28 members.

Members can purchase car parking passes that will guarantee them easier access to the racecourse.  


  • Hall of Fame Parking is available for the year from £380
  • Festival Parking is only available across all four days in Reserved North, for £220
  • November meeting (Saturday only) is £30
  • Unreserved parking for the Festival is available for £30.  


To purchase, please email, or call 01242 537662. Our offices are open 9am-5pm Monday to Friday.

We will be offering reciprocals this year to other Jockey Club racecourses, as well as a limited number of other racing and sporting venues.


We will keep you updated via email and on the website, in regards to the latest reciprocal opportunities.

Members can purchase individual seats for six different days during the season. November Saturday, New Year’s Day and the four days of the Festival. Prices from £35.

Members are welcome to purchase seats for these days outside the Sovereign and Crest Bars. These seats are promoted as Racecourse View Seats. During the Festival Guinness Seats are also available.

If we've not answered your question, please email or call 01242 537662

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