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Our Cheltenham and South West Jockey Club horse racing club is extremely fortunate to have a wonderful group of racehorse owners. 


We've put together a selection of comments and reviews that Owners' send us on a regular basis, highlighting the racing club benefits


If you'd like to find out more, please email and view our Life as a Member interview

  • Malcolm, West Midlands

‘The Syndicate was my first dip into racehorse ownership and it’s been a highly enjoyable experience. The members' group is diverse, friendly, and knowledgeable, and the three top trainers have been completely open with their thoughts and plans about the horses.  And when the horses win, it’s like Christmas! Access to Cheltenham all year round is a major plus.’


  • Les, West Midlands

‘The Syndicate is a remarkable offering that has enabled me to enjoy all the fantastic thrills and excitement of racehorse ownership. Being run by The Jockey Club enables the Syndicate to offer unique benefits that would be far out of reach of other organisations.


A good example of this is the exceptional private facilities that Syndicate members are given at The Cheltenham Festival. Members have also enjoyed great hospitality and a friendly reception whenever the horses run. We continuously enjoy top trainers who go out of their way to keep us closely involved with the progress and plans for the horses. The stable visits have been immensely enjoyable and I have learned so much about what goes on behind the scenes in order to achieve success.


Together with all the numerous tangible advantages, the Syndicate provides for its members there is a lovely friendly spirit and sense of togetherness between everyone involved which makes it a very special syndicate to be part of.’


  • Roy, Somerset

‘The Jockey Club South West Syndicate is great for people who want to go racing and enjoy owning racehorses. In addition to the Annual Memberships of Exeter, Warwick, and Wincanton, the Syndicate facilities at the Cheltenham Festival are a huge benefit. I’ve enjoyed meeting other Syndicate members, making friends, and following the horses we own to courses far and wide. Stable visits and regular updates from their trainers give members behind the scenes insights and keep us involved in the horses’ development. This will be the third Syndicate I’ve joined and I’d recommend membership to any keen horseracing enthusiast.’


  • Andrew, East of England

‘The enjoyment and the value that I got from The Jockey Club South West Syndicate during the last two years far exceeded my expectations. This included stable tours with very top trainers, full owners' experience through to the presentation and celebrations for a couple of our winners, and many other days out at the races whether or not we had a runner.


As well as that, compared to other Syndicates, there was a real feeling of camaraderie and getting to know other members as the season progressed, and we were always looked after exceptionally well.’


  • Ian, West Midlands

‘Being part of a Syndicate was something I’d always wanted to do and never got round to. How glad I am that I did! It was everything that I had hoped for in terms of a feeling of involvement and the excitement that is generated on a race day was brilliant. The information and updates from the Syndicate and the big-name trainers are both regular and extremely thorough in detail. It is definitely something I would recommend and will do again myself in the future.’


  • Hugh, South West

‘I have been associated with horse racing since birth and have still found the Syndicate a fantastic way to experience the sport. Being able to understand the entire experience from an owner’s point of view and having three horses with three very different trainers is great. I have thoroughly enjoyed the various stable tours, seeing how different trainers of varying size stables operate and have their own techniques. All the information is very well organised and communicated through an Ownership App (The Racing Manager*) but also Hannah herself. It really is a pleasure to share the experience with the same like-minded people.’


  • Terry, West Midlands

‘Being part of the South West J C Syndicate has been a great experience from the very start and well worth the membership fee. Both my wife Dianne and I are members and have been very impressed with the horses we have owned, their fantastic success, and the attention shown to us by the team. The trainers chosen have all been most accommodating and stable visits very well organised and enjoyable.  All the executives have also been very informative and helpful but most of all friendly. The Syndicate is without a doubt much more hands-on than others and I would thoroughly recommend it to possible members. We also have three very exciting horses at present hopefully to add to more success.’ 


  • Brian, East of England

‘I’ve been involved in a number of Syndicates and am a member of the racegoers club, but the Cheltenham & South West Syndicate is something entirely different. The organisation and the personal manner in which it is run, due to Hannah and her predecessors, really is second to none. The privileges and facilities we enjoy including stable visits, the private boxes, and of course our own facility at the Festival, make the initial investment well worth it. We also have the extra bonus of meeting other members, all with the same interest which makes it all the more enjoyable to be part of. I can’t wait to restart the fun for the new 2020 intake.’


  • Ashy, Gloucestershire

‘I joined the Cheltenham and SW Syndicate when it first launched in 2016 as had been looking for a way of getting inside the sport after 40 years of being an enthusiastic jumping fan. It has been such a pleasure and I have learned so much about racing, horses and training. Our trainers have been first class and the opportunities to go on stable visits and see the horses have been fantastic and very enjoyable. Which other sport can give you access to the top people in the game face to face in the way that National Hunt racing does? And they are all so friendly and informative.


The experience of ownership and the way owners at the racecourses are treated is also fantastic and of course the thrill of watching your horses’ win, as we have been privileged to do on many occasions of the past 4 years, is just the icing on the cake. The social occasions, especially racing at Cheltenham, have been great with plenty of opportunities to meet and make friends with lots of lovely people. All this combined with membership of the four Jockey Club racecourses and the support of the organisers provides exceptional value for money and an all-round wonderful experience.’


  • Jonathan & Wendy, Wales

'We joined the Cheltenham and South West Syndicate in 2018. The key feature we thought was entry to and facilities at The Cheltenham Festival. It has turned out to be so much more than that – providing an interest in specific horses and trainers, access to other racecourses, stable visits and meeting like-minded people.


The Festival is something special but so too is entry to the Parade Ring and a behind the scenes tour of the ITV Racing team and Ed Chamberlin’s friendly company was superb.'

Cheltenham & South West Racing Club

Experience the excitement of racehorse ownership with our Cheltenham & South West Syndicate with three exciting Jump horses and Membership with a variety of benefits. 

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